Dolby Vision, ELITELUX’s Vision

2019-12-17 16:47:27 Adam 18

 Since 2016, the TV industry has reached a turning point in display technology innovation. In addition to OLEDs and quantum dots, HDR technology has become a dominant part of the TV market. When HDR became hot on TV products, Dolby Vision HDR imaging technology also gradually enter public view.


Dolby Vision technology preserves and reproduces brighter and richer color pixels in the video by recreating, rearing, mastering, transmitting, and displaying such an end-to-end ecosystem to enhance picture quality.


Dolby Vision is an HDR imaging technology launched by CES in 2014. For nearly five years, we have seen many TV brands apply Dolby Vision to TV products of different price and size, a new technology accepted by the market within five years, is relatively fast. HDR has developed rapidly in the past four or five years, and its heat even exceeds 4K, making it the hottest display technology.


In the future, we will see more manufacturers offering Dolby Vision in a wider range of products, ELITELUX will also follow in the footsteps, let all consumers enjoy the experiences.