• 2019-12-16 Daniel

    How to maintain remote control?

    1.Please avoid throwing, falling and wetting of the remote. Keep the surface and the battery of the remote clean.

    2.Try to avoid children playing with remote for the frequently start will shorten the lifetime of remote and television.

    3.Never wipe the surface of remote with solvent or potent chemicals.
    If there is slight dust, wipe it lightly with clean and soft cloth or cotton yarn.
    If the dirt in surface is too heavy, remove it with clean and soft cloth or cotton yarn which has dipped in neutral detergent, then let it air-dry.

    4. If the battery drops down from the remote accidently and needs to put back in place or needs to change the battery, please be clear with polarity of battery and make it in accordance with the polarity in battery compartment, and avoid the phenomenon of remote or battery burnt even battery explosion caused by reverse installation of battery.
  • 2019-12-16 Luis

    How to distinguish fault resolution?

    When your TV malfunctions, please make the following simple checks:
    1. In the power on state, press the “Menu” button on the remote control to “reset”;

    2. Turn off the TV and turn it on again to see what happens;

    3. Check the battery of the remote control: whether it is reversed/the battery life is too long/the battery is too low/the battery pole is corroded or oxidized resulting in poor battery contact;

    4. Whether the AC220V power socket is too old and loose, there is a poor connection of the power supply;

    5. Whether the antenna feeder is in poor contact, etc.

    6. After the above inspection and processing still can not be resolved, you can get in touch with us and support as soon as possible.
  • 2019-12-16 Fernanda

    How to fix when some or all of the channels have snowflake interference or white interference with up and down scrolling?

    1. The signal source is weak due to the loss of transmission. In this case, please let the wired network base station check whether the signal source signal is too weak, that is, the signal source signal amplitude is not less than 50db.

    2. Multiple TV sets are connected at the same time to cause mutual interference. It is recommended to use a splitter with signal amplification.

    3. Check the cable connection: whether the shielded cable is not grounded or the signal cable is short-circuited, whether the signal cable from the signal end to the TV is damaged or the installation is incorrect.
  • 2019-12-16 Samantha

    There is no image display and only the pictures that alternate between red, green and blue, but the sound is normal, how to repair?

    This situation is the product aging (life) test mode, please follow below methods to exit the aging mode:
    1. Turn off the main power switch (or unplug the power plug) and turn it on again;

    2. Press and hold the “POWER” button on the cover (note: not the “POWER” button on the remote control), after the indicator light turns red, unplug the power cord, then restart the TV.
  • 2019-12-16 Andrea

    How to maintain the TV?

    There are several tips to maintain the TV:

    1, Use the correct steps to switch machine: Boot: First turn on the top box, speakers, game consoles and other peripherals, then turn on the TV.

    Shutdown: turn off the TV first, then turn off the set-top box and other peripherals. Please not try to switch the TV frequently.

    2, avoid the time of continuous use and let the TV rest for a while. Long-term use will make the internal parts of the TV high temperature to burn internal parts or accelerate the aging of parts.

    3, Use the correct cleaning way of the TV screen:

    If the TV is dirty, you should use a professional cleaning agent to scrub. If you don't have it, you can use a soft dry cloth to wipe a small amount of water. It should be noted that it must be a small amount of water. When there is too much water, it will cause a short circuit.

    5. The TV cannot be disassembled by yourself.

    6, turn off the TV and then plug and unplug the HDMI interface cable.
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