Video Game is Good for Your Brain

2019-12-13 13:02:11 32

Surprise! Kids could get crazy once capturing this title. It is a commercial promotional gimmick? Definitely not!

Firstly, according to a study result from Vikranth Bejjanki and his colleagues, it demonstrates that the playing of action video games – the sort of fast-paced, 3D shoot-em-up beloved of doomsayers in the media – can improve players performance in perception, attention, and cognition, which also has been confirmed by other studies. On this occasion, the game experience is essential to the gamer, which is strongly based on both visual and sound effects. ELITELUX Smart TV supported by DLED technology spares no effect to provide you with the ultimate visual feast and the immersive sound experience contributed by the professional stereo sound system.

Secondly, parents could appropriately guide your children to play video games in a good direction. As video games are so engaging, they can even be used therapeutically. For instance, they can be used as a form of physiotherapy as well as in more innovative contexts. So please give a chance for video games to justify themselves, in the meanwhile, ELITELUX TV is honored to be your best judge.