TV is Replacing the Projector

2019-12-13 13:04:11 46

A TV is not just limited using at home to watch soap program or play games any longer, there are many other places TV being applied, such as being a working tool in the office. Many companies have flat-panel TVs in their meeting rooms, and most of these “meeting” TVs have an incredibly large size.

Functions of using ELITELUX smart TV in the office including internet accessing, USB connection, note taking, document sharing, video talk, and meeting recording. It is much easier for people to take notes while having meetings, and sharing personal ideas by writing down the keywords on the board. The ELITELUX smart TV being used as an office TV dashboard also has smart functions such as erase, withdraw, and document saving. However, the most useful function of a conference room TV is a video meeting. In this WIFI era, long distance can no longer stop people from having online meetings. With a ELITELUX smart TV in a conference room, getting people from every corner of the world involved in one quality-assured meeting is without question thanks to its stereo sound system and large size of the screen, and WIFI connection, too.