Smart TV, A Door to A Smart Home

2020-03-14 10:06:24 54

Thanks to the rapid and advanced development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (The Internet of things), our life has increasingly become intelligent and convenient. A host is to a desktop computer what a chip is to a laptop. So what will be the entrance to the smart home in the future? Definitely, a set of smart TV. 

Compared with other traditional TVs, ELITELUX smart TV is featured by an entirely open platform and fully digital operating system. As a piece of rather big furniture in the room, ELITELUX smart TV plays a role as a thoughtful steward, bringing you the individualized user experience. For example, you will enjoy FHD screens with eye-feast pictures and no flickers, incredible sound effect with surround stereo support, as well as convenient operation with Linux System which allows you to pick up and download whatever you like. ELITELUX smart TV’s convenient operation allows all walks of life to access any APPs or other content, which fulfills a variety of tastes and interests as much as possible. 

The reason why it would be the key to a smart home is that ELITELUX smart TV achieves the goal of freely connecting the digital world with the real world, which is responsible for the receiving and returning of information respectively and independently.